Adult Day Care


Adult Daycare offers respite to families of patients who have Alzheimer's or other dementia. Adult daycare service provided the patients with important cognitive and social stimulation that can help slow down the progress of the disease.

Hampton's Luxury Villas is located in Jacksonville, Duval County Florida in the heart of Old Mandarin, on a luxurious 1.3 acre estate. Being in such a peaceful and soothing  setting , while  relaxing in our Pavilion or seating by one of our 5 waterfalls your love ones will enjoy. Here at Hampton's Luxury Villas we give seniors the opportunity to meet new people and socialize with other seniors. We get the seniors involve in many activities and exercise programs that enhances their way of living, while providing caregiver and families a much needed break from the stress of caring for their love ones.

Our loving and dedicated staff is what make Hampton's Luxury Villas. Our staff will meet and great you and your love ones at the door with smiles , open arms,handshakes and hugs. Our staff will provide a supportive and peaceful environment. The staff will assisted with all the activities that will help promote and enhance their way of living. we want to  build and enhance their confident and self esteem.

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